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5-bed flat, non-seafront 5WNN

Maxsimum five people. Non sea facing flat with 2 rooms only, double bed in separate room and second room services as a bedroom/diningroom/kitchen containing 1 x bunker bed and single bed. Bathroom only has a shower, toilet and basin in bathroom.


Maxsimum 5 people.  Same outlay as 5WNN with balcony no braai.

5-bed flat, non-seafront, two bedrooms (not upgraded) 5W2N

Maximum 5 people. Non sea facing flat with 2 separate bedrooms. A double bed in main bedroom,2 x single bed in 2nd room,single couch in living area. Bathroom only has a shower. Toilet and basin in bathroom.

5-bed flat, non-seafront, two bedrooms, balcony 5W2NB

Maximum 5 people, same outlay as (5WN2N) with balcony no braai.

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