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2-Bed flats, non-seafront 2WN

Maximum two people. The flats have no seafront view. One man flats consisting of one room that serves as kitchen as well as dining room and bedroom. There are two single beds. These flats have a shower, hand basin and toilet in the bathroom. The flats have air conditioning.

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2-Bed Apartments ATKV Natalia

2-Bed Flats

Upgraded, not upgraded units

Apartments ATKV Natalia

3-Bed Flats

Sea-facing and non-sea-facing units

Outside of apartments ATKV Natalia

4-Bed Flats

Sea-facing and non-sea-facing units

Sea facing 5-Bed apartment ATKV Natalia

5-Bed Flats

Upgraded and not upgraded units

Sea facing 6-Bed apartments ATKV Natalia

6-Bed Flats

Sea-facing and not sea-facing units. Wheelchair-friendly units available. 

Camping at ATKV Natalia

Caravan and Camping Site

Caravan and camping site