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3-bed flat, non-seafront (not upgraded) 3WN

Maximum three people. The flat has no seafront view. There is a separate room with a double bed and a sleeping coach in the living area. The bathroom has a bath and shower.

3-bed flats, non-seafront (upgraded) 3WNO

Upgraded 3-bed flats with the same layout as the 3WN, but the bathroom has only a shower and no bath.

3-bed flats, seafront 3WSS

Maximum three people. Seafront flats with a bedroom and double bed. The second room serves as a kitchen, dining room and bedroom with a single bed. These flats have a bathroom with a shower over the bath, a toilet and a hand basin.

3-bed flat, non-seafront, balcony (not upgraded) 3WNB

The flat has the same layout as the 3WN, but it has a balcony without braai facilities.

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2-Bed Apartments ATKV Natalia

2-Bed Flats

Upgraded, not upgraded units

Apartments ATKV Natalia

3-Bed Flats

Sea-facing and non-sea-facing units

Outside of apartments ATKV Natalia

4-Bed Flats

Sea-facing and non-sea-facing units

Sea facing 5-Bed apartment ATKV Natalia

5-Bed Flats

Upgraded and not upgraded units

Sea facing 6-Bed apartments ATKV Natalia

6-Bed Flats

Sea-facing and not sea-facing units. Wheelchair-friendly units available. 

Camping at ATKV Natalia

Caravan and Camping Site

Caravan and camping site

ATKV Natalia

35 Elizabeth Ave 
Illovo Beach 

Tel.  +27 31 916 4545

Fax. +27 31 916 2212